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Experts say a good business plan should include an executive summary, a description of the company, biographies of key team members, a market analysis, strategies for marketing and growth, and potential funding sources. "What I want to see is a crisp summary of the business concept, what the marketplace looks like now and why the business is needed," says Barbara Boxer, founder of Women Angels in Miami, Milwaukee and Chicago. The Miami Herald.

Your Financial Lender will want to see a Business Plan

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A Business Plan Template will make you aware of costs that you probably hadn't previously thought of, let alone make allowances for.  It may very well force you to have  a complete rethink, based on economic reality.

Don't rely on 'blind faith'

Have you been discussing for some time about starting or expanding a business, but could never make any headway because you never had anything written down? A Business Plan Template is just what you need so you can concentrate on 'it' rather than just an idea.

Our instantly downloadable template is not only simple and fast to complete but also comes with a rock solid lifetime guarantee.

A written Business Plan precisely defines your ambitions & shows you are serious for success.

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Excutive Summary

Cash Flow Forecast

Profit & Loss
Balance Sheet & more

Personal Budget
Personal Budget

Establishment Costs
Establishment Costs

Cash Flow Forecast
Cash Flow Forecast

Profit & Loss
Profit & Loss Statement

Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet

"A template with all the right questions and answers, plus financials to back it all up. Concise and complete."
My Business Plan 2017

Including financial tables with carry through interlinking formulas and links.
Writing your Business Plan for small business success.

If you're looking to create an online Business Plan that you can complete in a matter of hours, ready to hand to your Financial Lender, then look no further.

Our Business Plan Template is concise, will force you to confront your ideas head on and will give you a good indication whether or not your ideas are operationally and financially viable.

Rated as one of the Best Value, Modern and User Friendly Business Plan Templates on the Market.

Fill it in and print it out to create your very own custom made Business Plan. Template includes six standard components plus six pages of interlinking financial tables with inbuilt formulas.

Testing your ideas for success has never been faster, easier, quicker and cheaper. Simply work through the material and in a matter of hours you can have your own concise custom made Business Plan that you can take to the bank.

Includes, Personal Budget, Start Up Costs, Cash Flow Forecasts, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, plus a lot more that will enable you to determine whether your idea is operationally and financially viable.

Whilst the only guarantee in any Business is risk, studies have shown time and time again that people who plan their Business have a far greater chance of succeeding than those who don't plan.

And planning at some point in time needs to be committed from one's head, to paper.

Committing to paper will force you to confront your idea to see whether it is ultimately viable in the real world.

Are you starting or expanding a Business and wanting to create
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  home based business plan
  existing business expansion plan

No matter what the nature of your new idea, whether it be for a small business or starting a home based business, your chances of success will be greatly enhanced if you utilize our fully customizable Business Plan Template.

Much like a road map, our template will guide you every step of the way towards your goals and eventually tell you whether or not your ideas are workable and viable.

Most, if not all Financial Lenders will tell you - 'the Business Plan is a necessity and if a person who is starting a business can't put a small business plan together, he or she will most probably run into trouble'.

Business Plan Template 2017 is primarily for the Small Business owner, either home based or retail with a small number of employees. It's "user friendliness" will allow you to create an accurate and fast Plan without going into all the mumbo jumbo of large templates and without spending a lot of money.

Unlike typical templates which are extremely long and tedious, and go into a lot of detail that is not immediately relevant to the Small Business owner, our business plan template aims to condense and highlight those fundamental areas of initial critical importance.

Exactly what your idea is, who your customers are, and how much money you need to make your idea work. These are just some of the issues that our business plan template will force you to confront.

You can always add to your model at a later time when and if needed.

The easy to understand format, leads and guides you every step of the way through all the components, creating your own customized blue print as you go.

The main benefit for you is you simply insert your relevant information according to the questions asked. As you work through the material your personalized start up business plan automatically gets created for you.

Same for the Financials, simply insert your projected figures and let the formula's calculate your Financial Tables for you.

Print it out and see instantly whether you're on a winner or loser.

Change your figures, and the template automatically recalculates projections.

If you're going to be seeking finance, a well thought out and compiled business start up plan will show potential lenders that you know exactly what you want to do, how to do it and the money required.

Once you are familiar with the workings of this template, you can change or add to it at any time depending on the fluid nature of your situation.

Our business plan template will enable you to define the Business you're contemplating. It will identify your specific goals and ambitions and in some regards, the final product will act as your Business's Resume.

If you are seeking finance from a lending institution or from friends and family, chances are the lender will want to see your ideas in writing to determine whether or not you have a chance to succeed.

The importance of getting your ideas on paper cannot be emphasized enough. Just the confidence you will have knowing you have a blue print to success is reason enough.

Finally, your finished printed documents will allow you to take an objective and unemotional look at your project in its entirety, and the chances of success or failure. Are you going to make money or lose money?

Start now and find out ALL ABOUT you and your business idea.

$5.99 is a small price to pay for piece of mind.

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